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Calif. Approves new treatment method for removing nitrate from groundwater
MIH Water completes successful pilot program using biological process.

ONTARIO, CA — An innovative process that uses naturally occurring bacteria to remove nitrate from contaminated groundwater has received approval from California’s State Water Board as a treatment method.

The validation stems from a recent pilot study of the Hall BioProcess™ by MIH Water Treatment, Inc. (MIH) and the San Antonio Water Company (SAWCO) in Upland, California.

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The Hall BioProcess™: Patented Biological Treatment For Groundwater Purification

The Hall BioProcess™ is an advanced biological remediation system, developed and patented by MIH Water Treatment, Inc., that treats contaminated drinking water through a sustainable process which leaves no contaminated waste behind. The Hall BioProcess™ cost-effectively removes nitrates, perchlorate and other harmful contaminants, increasing the local water supply by utilizing existing water sources, creating a sustainable, reliable water system for local agencies, maximizing return on investment and improving quality of life.