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The Hall Reactor is a sustainable and cost-effective water treatment technology that reactivates contaminated water sources through biological remediation.

hall reactor

The Hall Reactor System removes nitrates, selenium, perchlorate, and hexavalent chromium from impacted water by bacteriological
de-nitrification. The patented Hall Reactor System’s unique biological treatment incorporates four main components in the treatment process, achieving the highest post-treatment water quality currently available.


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The Patented
Hall Reactor

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The unique biological treatment process begins when contaminated water is pumped into the deaeration tank.

Inside this first tank, oxygen is removed from the contaminated water. This removal forces the naturally occurring bacteria to rely on the
nitrates in the contaminated water for oxygen. This nitrate-rich water and oxygen-starved bacteria is then pumped into the Hall reactor
vessel, which is filled with suspended carrier particles.

These sponge-like carriers have a high surface area, carrying more of the naturally occurring bacteria per particle than any other biological treatment available. These particles, rich with bacteria, are circulated through the vessel in a continuously stirred environment.

Continuous stirring creates an exceptional environment for the bacteria to “eat” the nitrates from the contaminated water, in search of
oxygen. Once the bacteria have completed their job, the nitrate-free water exits the top of the reactor vessel, and the inert nitrate gas is
expelled into the atmosphere, where it naturally exists. This is the simple, eco-friendly treatment process of the Hall Reactor System.