California Water

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Clean water is a precious natural resource that is essential to the health and well-being of communities. The impacts of water scarcity, rising imported water costs, and declining water quality state-wide are far-reaching.

The Hall Reactor System will resuscitate de-commissioned wells, allowing water agencies to once again utilize these important resources to increase the local water supply.

California groundwater is in critical condition. The California Department of Public Health’s 2013 groundwater report showed 1,662 contaminated drinking water wells in the state, which serve 682 communities. Of these communities, 508 rely entirely on this contaminated drinking water, forcing them to undergo costly treatment and blending processes to sustain the populations they serve.

Addtionally, The Pacific Institute’s recent study on water scarcity highlights the challenges the water industry faces today, such as decreases in water allotments, more stringent regulations, higher water costs, and increased public scrutiny of corporate water practices.

With imported water costs continuing to rise, water agencies and municipalities must seek new innovations for sustainable, low-cost treatment alternatives which will improve the quality of life and secure local water supplies.

The Hall Reactor is the solution to these problems and many others facing the water industry today. Reactivating contaminated drinking water wells using our scalable, high-water recovery and low-energy system is a sustainable, necessary technology offering an environmentally friendly solution to reviving these critical local water sources.

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